Naked Chocolate e-Cookbook is here

Naked Chocolate Breakfasts, Treats and Desserts e-Cookbook

Without further ado, I present to you my Naked Chocolate Breakfasts, Treats & Desserts e-cookbook in PDF format which is compatible with most devices (i-phone, i-pad, Android phone/tablet, PC).











Do you love chocolate and don’t want to give it up?
Do you wish you could indulge and feel NO GUILT?
Do you enjoy real food treats?
Do you desire for 2017 to be the year you kick unclean junk to the curb?

Then “Naked Chocolate Breakfasts, Treats and Desserts” is just what you need!

From satisfying chocolate breakfasts, mouth-watering treats for all times of the day and yummy desserts, you’ll never miss out on getting your chocolate fix!

Yes, that’s right. Your love affair with chocolate can continue….in a much better way. What’s more, these chocolate treats will love you right back. In fact, eating any of the treats in this book for breakfast is better for you then most supermarket shelf breakfasts!


  • 50 recipes – ALL with full page colour, drool worthy photographs

  • Gluten, dairy and refined sugar free – mostly paleo and vegan

  • Minimal to no processed ingredients

  •  Easy recipes from mix and pour to using a food processor

  •  Nutrient dense and filling. No more eating copious amount of chocolate to feel satisfied

  • Ingredients list showing you how each ingredient is good for your body, what it’s used for plus tips and substitutions


A beautiful PDF e-Cookbook with luscious photography and delicious recipes.

Basics & Condiments
Tastes like Nutella spread
Salted caramel
Chocolate cashew cream
Warm chocolate sauce
Basic chocolate slab
Clean Ice Magik
Basic coconut ice cream

Morning Glory

Jaffa smoothie bowl
Chocolate goji berry bombs
Chocolate chunk pancakes
Death by chocolate pancakes
Tastes like Nutella filled muffins
Chocolate granola
Choc mint paleo bars
Chocolate chia parfait with quick

Need My Fix
Bountyful bars
Chocolate honey nougat bar
Tastes like Snickers bars
Chocolate peanut butter balls
Berry coconut chocolate slab
Raspberry ripe cups
Flourless brownies
Volcano cupcakes
Coconut rough
Choc peppermint creams
Chocolate crunch shards
Chocolate crackers
Double choc chunk cookies
Salted caramel cups
Baked donuts with chocolate glaze
Tastes like Nutella donut sandwiches
Tastes like Snickers donut sandwiches

Summer Fling
Chocolate coconut ice cream
Chocolate chunk ice cream
Cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream
Double choc crunch ice creams
Peanut butter cookie and choc chunk ice cream sandwiches
Banana plantation popsicles
No bake brownie ice cream sandwich bars
Frozen strawberry cheesecake bites
Mango sorbet bites
Double choc chunk cookie ice cream sandwiches
Chocolate brownie supershake

Special Occasion
Choc cherry mess
Chocolate mousse cheesecake in a jar
Chocolate love bites
Chocolate layered dip
No bake chocolate hazelnut tarts
Mini chocolate coated Christmas puddings
Chocolate cake (with salted caramel and fresh strawberries)


How can you resist?

Still need convincing? Here’s a sample of the luscious, delicious recipes you’ll find inside:



Tastes like Snickers bars
Tastes like Nutella donut sandwiches
Chocolate cake with salted caramel and fresh strawberries
Chocolate mango sorbet bites
Chocolate mousse cheesecake in a jar


Only $4.99 AUD. Click on the cookbook cover below to download your copy.














Let me know what you think of my cookbook below if you like.

I hope you enjoy!
Love, Tash x

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