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1. Are all your packet mixes gluten free? 
Yes – HOWEVER – even though all mixes have been created in a 100% gluten free kitchen, there is no guarantee that the flours themselves are free from cross contamination at any stage prior to reaching my kitchen. If you are coelic, please consider this carefully.


2. Are the ingredients in The Pantry of Eden’s packet mixes organic?
Yes. I use certified organic ingredients from my supplier.


3. Which products are vegan?
There are 3 packet mixes that are vegan:
1. Superfood Breakfast cookie mix
2. Cacao Munch bliss ball + slice mix
3. Kid’s No-Bake Cacao Coconut Ruff bar mix


4. I have a nut allergy. Which packs are safe to eat?
The Cacao, Buckwheat & Chia cookie mix and the Superfood Breakfast cookie mix both contain nut free ingredients. A separate bowl and gloves are used for these packs.
All mixes are put together in the same kitchen which sometimes processes other nuts like peanuts etc so if you’re highly allergic and worried about possible cross contamination, then it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid them altogether.
All other packs contain almond flour which adds to the nutrient rich content of the packs.


5. Do the packs contain sugar?
Yes, however only sustainably sourced unrefined coconut sugar is used which is low GI and won’t give you a blood sugar spike. It’s perfect for transitioning over from refined white sugar.
The 5-Seed Nutrient Rich bread mix does not contain any sugar.
The Superfood Breakfast cookie mix doesn’t contain any sugar either however, you choose which liquid sweetener to add.
The pancake mix contains only a small amount of coconut sugar.


6. Do your packs contain any fillers?
No unnecessary fillers are used. Every ingredient is there for a reason. The Soft & Fluffy pancake mix does contain organic tapioca starch, however this is to help give it that light and fluffy texture.



7. What size tin should I use for the bread?
Any regular sized rectangular tin can be used but if you want a higher rise loaf, best results are obtained using a cm x cm loaf tin. You can purchase these for under $ at any department store.


8. What other tools will I need?
To mix, you will only need 1 large bowl, a mixing tool such as a whisk, fork or spoon and a measuring cup for the liquid ingredient. No blender or food processor required.
In addition to this:
Bread: Rectangular loaf tin (see question 4) + baking paper to line with.
Cookies: Large, flat baking tray or 2 smaller trays + baking paper to line with.
Pancakes: Large frying pan
Cacao Munch bliss ball and Kid’s Cacao Coconut Ruff bar mix: A tray or plate plus optional baking paper or cling film to line with.


9. What liquid ingredients will I need to add?
You will only need to add 2 liquid ingredients such as eggs (large) + water; or eggs (large) + oil; or sweetener + oil; or oil + water. Sometimes you might need to add a little water as the 3rd liquid ingredient.


10. It’s too hot to bake. What packs don’t require an oven or any type of cooking?
The Cacao Munch bliss ball + slice mix and the Kid’s No-Bake Cacao Coconut Ruff bar mix. Just mix, roll/press and chill.


11. How long will the baked items take? 
All ovens are different so please take this into consideration. The type of tin/tray you use will also affect the timing. All times have been based on a metal tin lined with baking paper. If you’re using glass, you may need to reduce the temperature as glass is much hotter than metal. You may also need to cook for a shorter period. Please check at intervals during the baking period to determine when your baked good is ready.
Bread: An old oven may take the full 1 hour 10 minutes or more, whereas newer, larger and more powerful ovens may be quicker. The best way to determine if the bread is ready is to insert a toothpick in the middle. If it comes out clean then your bread is ready. Allow to cool before slicing.
Cookies: The Cacao, Buckwheat & Chia cookie mix takes 8-10 minutes and the Superfood Breakfast cookie mix takes around 15-20 minutes.


12. What is the shelf life of each pack?
Generally you have up to a year to use the unopened packs as indicated by the expiry date on the back.


13. How long will my goodies last once I’ve made them?
Bread: Up to a week, covered, in the fridge or 3 months wrapped well in the freezer.
Cookies: TBA
Bliss Balls/Bars: Up to 2 weeks in a sealed container in the fridge or 3 months wrapped well in the freezer.




14. How much is shipping?


15. Do you ship internationally?
At this stage I plan to only offer Australia-wide shipping.


16. I’ve changed my mind. Can I get a refund?
Refunds aren’t given for change of mind due to the nature of the product. However, if your package has arrived damaged or faulty, please contact me at TBA and I will get in contact with you within 24-48 hours.


17. I’d love to stock your products in my shop. How do I contact you about this?




18. Why did you start The Pantry of Eden?


19. What is The Pantry of Eden’s stand on helping the environment?
I use minimal packaging to reduce waste and all packs can be re-used to store other items such as nuts or other ingredients. The kid’s packet mix labels can be peeled off and you can write on them or re-label them.
Ingredients are sourced locally and are certified organic. No chemicals, additives, preservatives or unnatural ingredients are used.
Coconut sugar is sustainably sourced.