Camping recipe – Campfire sausage patties

Camping recipe – Campfire sausage patties: gluten free, grain free, dairy free, clean and paleo friendly.


My camping recipe ideas came from my last camping trip at Wingello State Forest. My camping buddy, Sarah suggested I should make some camping and hiking friendly snacks for weekend camping trips and I thought it a brilliant idea. The first recipe that came to mind was sausages. There are plenty of gluten free options, however, it’s hard to find a truly clean sausage that doesn’t have some unnatural additive to it, so I’ve given the old sausage a complete overhaul.

My campfire sausage patties are gluten free and clean and great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I’d experimented for 2 weeks with pork sausage patty seasonings and I’m so glad I found a flavour combo that I’m happy with as I was starting to overdose on pork sausage patty flavour. You will need to treat the meat gently. The less handling the better, otherwise you will end up with tough patties. This recipe is specifically for pork so if you wish to use something else, you may find it might not taste very sausage like.

This time we returned to Wingello and on our way, we stumbled upon some llamas and kangaroos. When we arrived at the forest, we found a large open clearing all to ourselves so set up there. It was terribly hot so we napped in the shade for an hour or two. For our campfire dinner we had my campfire sausage patties with sauteed mushrooms, vine ripened roma tomatoes, a slice of fire toasted paleo bread (store bought), salad and a squirt of my easy peasy tomato sauce. (For breakfast, you might like to try them with some fried eggs, paleo bread and some sliced avocado.)

The  patties were a hit and although I didn’t get the opportunity to cook them over the open fire, I used an inexpensive gas camping stove . As darkness fell, we lay under the stars with the fire roaring, listening to a podcast of paranormal stories once more. A perfect way to end the day.


  • Please note, I only use pork that’s raised in humane conditions (as I do with all meat and poultry). Wherever you can, please only buy cruelty free meat. The more we refuse to support barbaric practices, the more likely it will stop. Please support our local farmers who use sustainable and cruelty free farming practices. 


campfire sausage patties 18
We stumbled on a couple of llamas. I named the black one Percy.
campfire sausage patties 27
Me getting a kiss from Percy.
campfire sausage patties 22
Skippy out for a stroll (or rather, a hop).
campfire sausage patties 21
Lots of kangaroos everywhere we went.

campfire sausage patties 23

campfire sausage patties 24
The sun comes out for our arrival at Wingello.
Cooking dinner.
campfire sausage patties 34
Nothing like a scary tale around the campfire.
campfire sausage patties 25
Sarah saying hello to some horses on our way back home.

Here’s an overview on what to do


campfire sausage patties 7
Mix all seasoning ingredients together.
campfire sausage patties 5
Sprinkle over mince and stir gently with a fork till just combined. Do not over mix.
campfire sausage patties 6
Gently shape into 8 patties. Cover and place in fridge for flavours to combine and intensify.
campfire sausage patties 3
Lubricate a pan with oil. Cook over medium – medium high heat and cook patties while smelling the delicious garlic aroma.
campfire sausage patties 10
Fry up some mushies and vine ripened tomatoes.
campfire sausage patties 2
Serve with some toasted paleo bread and a squirt of my easy peasy tomato sauce.




Why this is so good for you

Coconut oil speeds up metabolism, reduces the risk of heart disease, reduces the risk of diabetes, improves digestion, increases immune strength, is anti-bacterial, anti-vira, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic, prevents osteoporosis, prevents stroke and helps prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
Pork (pastured/free range/organic) aids cardiovascular health, helps maintain tissues, supports the immune system, helps protect from anaemia, protects the liver, detoxifies the lungs and helps keep skin clear.
Onions strengthen the immune system, help regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, reduce the risk of gastric ulcers. thin the blood (thus warding off blood clots, help fight asthma, chronic bronchitis, hay fever, diabetes, atherosclerosis, inhibit stomach cancer and detoxify the body from heavy metals.
Garlic has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties, supports the circulatory, digestive and immune systems, helps lower blood pressure, assists in detoxification, prevents formation of blood clots, reduces blood pressure, helps with asthma, regulates blood sugar levels in diabetics and lowers the risk of most types of cancer.
Himalayan salt contains all of the 84 elements found in your body. It is anti aging, increases hydration, promotes blood sugar health, prevents muscle cramping, strengthens bones, lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, helps expel toxins from the body, helps reduce acid reflux and helps the intestines absorb nutrients.
Rosemary increases circulation, improves digestion and calms upset stomach, improves concentration, strengthens the immune system, helps protect against bacterial infections and detoxifies the body.
Sage enhances memory, strengthens  the immune system, improves digestion, increases bone strength, helps prevent the onset of diabetes, and reduces inflammation throughout the body.
Paprika helps fight food poisoning, helps prevent aging, helps prevent stroke, helps prevent bladder, cervix, pancreas and prostate cancers, helps reduce gastrointestinal problems, increases metabolism, helps prevent macular degeneration, helps eliminate migraines and headaches; and helps prevent asthma and lung infections.


Camping recipe – Campfire sausage patties

Yield: Makes 8 small patties

* Patties can be frozen before cooking.


  • Coconut oil, for cooking
  • 500 grams pork mince (free range/cruelty free/organic)
  • 2 teaspoons dried sage (or 1 tablespoon sliced fresh sage leaves)
  • 1 tablespoon dried onion flakes (or 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion)
  • 2 teaspoons sweet paprika (or regular paprika)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons garlic powder (or 2 -3 garlic cloves, crushed)
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons fine pink Himalayan salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon white pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg


  1. Combine seasoning in a bowl, pour over the minx and mix very gently with a fork till just combined. (Do not overmix or the patty will be tough).
  2. Gently shape into 8 patties. Cover and place in fridge for up to 48 hours to allow flavours to develop.
  3. Pour coconut oil into a medium frying pan on medium high heat and cook patties until brown on the outside and the inside is no longer pink.



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    Hi Natasha,
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    I hope you had a wonderful; time with the kiwis.
    Have a blessed Easter.
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